Corbin bettlebag!


hi guys,
           just want to know any comments of corbin bettle bags for hayabusa?What do you think of this battle bag?

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A lot of people like them for appearances, but they are expensive, small and don't allow for high mounts.... Look good though!

Just my .02


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depends on your needs..... I have them in conjunction with a Ventura system...more than I could ask for!

unless somebody offered me a K1200RT/LT


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I was going to buy a set as I like to tour on the Busa but, the limited capacity and difficulty in removal made me decide against them. I ended up with removable saddle bags that offered four times the capacity for one tenth the cost. I did buy the corbin seats, back rest and glove box thingy for the back rest though.


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They dont work with most aftermarket exhausts, and look kind of stupid with an undertail!

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I think they look pretty cool. I generally like to travel light and for me they would have enough room when combined with a nice size tank bag. I do not have high mounts, so not an issue for me.


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I like the look, I just wouldn't want them on all of the time. I figure that I do 5-6 road trips a year needing bags and normally, I have a lady with me so bag space becomes even more important. I also ride the bike around town every chance that I get and only need my tank bag and/or glove box for that. The hassle involved with taking them on/off is not worth the $1400.00 that Corbin wants for them now. I have seen them used on eBay sell for anywhere from $400-$700.00. If I was going to be touring on the bike by myself, they would be just fine from a capacity standpoint but, still that on/off hassle was what pushed me over the edge. Take a look at Pashnit's set up. That guy is a professional tourer if there is such a thing.


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I just got myself a set of Tourmaster soft bags and they worked awesome on the Labor day weekend trip to Road Atlanta


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Unless you need everything including a kitchen sink when you travel (and for that get a Wing)  I think they're great and carry enough for anyone
. Of course, I always travel light so it just might just be my style, my other friends, well they couldn't take enough for a weekend if they had a trailer
I bought these and love them. When not riding they work great as a carry-on bag as they come with handles and straps that package nicely. The price of them is less than $150 delivered in most places.


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