Corbin Beetle bags?


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Does anyone have these? If so, are they hard to put on and take off? It would be nice if they were quick release and you could pop them on when you wanted to take a little trip. Also, I saw on the Corbin web site that they do not fit the 03.

Maybe they will fix them?

I have the bags, and I love them, but they were not designed to pop on and off easily. That was stupid of Corbin in my opinion. You have to remove three nuts...not that it is hard, but not as easy as you would like. Also, there are no haqndles to carry them, and they are rather small. Look for my review in the product section.
Thanks Thinker62. I have found bits and pieces of info on bags around the boards but not one place. I could not find your opinion on the Beetle bags though. It would be nice if we had a spot with photos of what people have bought and what they like. Just an idea.