Corbin Beetle Bags for Gen II


Was just browsing the Corbin website and see that they're developing hard bags for the Gen II.

Corbin Motorcycle Seats & Accessories | Suzuki GSXR Models | 800-538-7035

These look larger than the bags for the Gen I and integrate the rear turn signals - which they should have done on the Gen I bags! Not sure, but it looks like the stock Gen II turn signal pods are removed and the new bags blend right into the tail fairing. The web site shows several stages of development. Neat.

I wonder if they will be big enough to fit a helmet?

And I wonder if they price will be big enough to count under the new Obama economic stimulus plan?! :rofl:

GenII corbin 1.jpg

GenII corbin 2.jpg

GenII corbin 3.jpg
if not mistaken, that bike actually belongs to a member here. they were going to have his bike for a few weeks to get everything made and designed. someone will chime in i am sure, but i dont remember his name
That's BA Busa's bike with my Micron pipe. The bag is in molding right now. They should be ready to roll in a few weeks. No, they won't fit a helmet. Yes, they are big enough to carry a lot.