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I caught a show on the weather channel called Highway To Hell and it turned out to be a show about those huge tow trucks working the hiway. Seems everyone drives that road in the dead of winter, many w/o chaining up and of course, slide off the road. It was fairly interesting despite the added ‘drama’ from the narrator. He also referred to the semi trucks as ‘simmys’ or simmy trucks. I’ve heard of a semi colon being pronounced simmy colon but never a big truck. :laugh: The highway and surrounding scenery looks like an outstanding motorcycle road, just not in the dead of winter. Has anyone ridden it? Looks like hiway 1 and 12. The area is mountainous but not quite a mile high. Sandow? You’re up there SW a bit, ever been up that hiway past Hope and Spuzzum or on hiway 5 past Brookmere, which also looks like a good ride? Anyone else?

Berlin Germany

uhh yeah

by our german tv i know a bit about these towing trucks and their real hard work and the weather they have there in winter

no thanks,
even with my famous audi v6 "quattro" (4 wheel driven) and best chains on all 4 tires i never would like to "test" these roads in winter
and i know how to drive in winter - i grew here in a german mountains with snowy white roads (snow was around 10-12 inches high)


I've driven that hwy many times summer and winter and yes, it can get gnarly in winter. Only time it bothers me is if it's a white out and you can't see where the road begins and ends. If I'm on the bike the only time I'll ride it is if I'm in a hurry and need a straight shot to the interior as it's just a straight road, hwy 1 is much better and adds about an hour to the ride but twists and turns beside a river with fantastic scenery. Great riding once you hit the BC interior, tons of twisties with little to no vehicle traffic on many hwy speed roads. wouldn't recommend driving it in the winter without good winter tires, not all seasons. It's illegal to do that anyway.


The Coq is nice...beautiful scenery but I really love Hwy 3 Crowsnest....slower speeds but more twisties. It also starts in Hope then heads south and follows the the Canada / USA border. Some really beautiful little towns through there too.
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