Cops knocked on my door 10 mins ago,3 men attempted to steal my bike (pics) help

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I don't know how close they were to getting the rear off but my neighbor said they were only on it for few seconds and he yelled, scaring them away, they got the plate and cops said the plate matched the truck description they were in. Not sure yet if they got them. My questions are:

1. How close were they to getting it?
2. How much is it going to cost to repair?
3. It's evidently not drive-able?

It looks like there may be a missing rod that goes in the swingarm. Looks like it was totally dropped.





Re: Cops knocked on my door 10 mins ago, black men attempted to steal my bike (pics)

Just need a new axle from the looks of it. Problly $20 on ebay if ya cant find one around here.
How long would it have taken from there to get the rear off?

Lift up the bike, push the wheel forward and remove the chain. Less than a minute.

Probably should rethink the security of your bike. The scum bags have a taste and I suspect they will be back to finish what was started.
What about chaining it through the swing arm? How would they get it without major cutting which would be really loud?

you better buy your neighbor some beer because that's what good neighbors do. on the flip side, glad they didn't damage the bike too bad or worse, stolen.
Punks! More scumbags that think everyone owes them something. They should have their hands chopped off! I'd be rolling the bike in my front door.
Yea I imagine changing it through the swing arm is better but nobody responded to that yet
Wheel, swingarm and chain would be a better idea than just wheel.

However, I'd consider another location, because unless the police make an arrest, 90% chance they will be back....
Motion sensitive alarm. Some go off at 120db thats like a jet taking off. Dics locks,make it impossible to roll a bike,but can still be picked up. Your "New York Noose" should always go thru the swing arm. Always lock your steering and imobilize the front wheel. Its easy to pick a bike up by the back and steer it to get away vehicle,not so easy the other way around. Over kill here but,I would put a ground anchor in,sunk in the concrete is the best,or hilti the bolts in and weld or round the bolt heads.

I dont even lock my bike...I have a....




While they look fine in the picture, check your brake shoes and caliper before putting it all back together...

Reason is these guys were not nice to your bike and probably dropped all the weight on the rear and the only thing holding it up was the caliper.

I don't imagine there was damage but definitely worth looking at while it's apart.
You are lucky, my friend's bike got stolen from the front of his house recently n no bike in sight. He lost $$ as the insurance will only pay the current book value.
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