Coolant flowing into Oil pan

MY 01 hayabusa had been sitting for a few months, upon start up, I noticed that the oil in the inspection window was white. To make a long story short, I pour water into radiator and it slowly flows out through the oil pan drain hole??? Just wondering if it could be head gasket problem or broken or cracked block???
any Help would be appreciated,


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That sounds bad bro. I would think it was a cracked block also, or head. Someone will be along shortly with more input. Welcome.
If you plan on doing the work your self, I would send the head and cylinder out to be pressure tested if disassembly doesn't show anything obvious. Anyway you look at it, you are pulling the head. Bad head gasket(lucky), cracked water jacket(could be head or cylinder).


Do you think it was cold enough in storage to have the rad fluid freeze?
Sounds like the only reason to leak if it was sitting.
Possibly. If the shaft seals are totally gone it could potentially leak into engine from the inside. Now that you mentioned it, thats were I would look first, its the easiest to check.

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