Cool Vid 'specially for the snowed in

dood that is a sweet video. the music is killer, and seeing those turns makes me want to move out of florida. Gorgeous sunset, that was a great video. Thank god I started my own business so I can ride whenever I want, seeing that video while at stuck at a cubicle would have made me walk out and ride!

Great video and music, who ever put that together did a good job. The sunset at the end is cool...

I'm going to go watch it again.
Saaaawheat! Thanx Zorander - I saved it, I make some of my own like that, kinda wierd I watch em over and over.
I played this earlier and the video was smooth, now I play it and the audio is smooth the the picture starts and stops.

Help me're my only hope!

PS. I believe we rode on that road on the Aug. ride. The view of the Pacific Ocean on a clear day is awesome.