Conversion kits, streetfighter style!


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Hey everyone, I was just looking around at some pictures and was interested in the look of the street fighters. I came across this website, , and was just wondering if any of yall had ever heard of them?

Also, I was wondering what the streetfighter kit's actually do to overall performance? Do people do it for the different look? Less fairings to destroy if you drop it?
Better ram intake from having them exposed vs ducted?

Also, if you have any neat looking bikes that are streetfighter style post them up here please. And if you know of any decent places to order their stuff post up. Was just curious about this style is all. Thanks in advance!



More mods plz..
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I'm not about to make any purchase for along time trust me lol. I dont have the funds so its not possible at all, I was just looking threw the image gallery's and saw the streetfighter bike. And googeld a couple of places that sell their stuff is all. I was just wondering if anyone had any pictures of some cool looking streetfighter bikes.
Streetfighters started in Europe from crazy sportbike riders crashing their bikes and not wanting to replace all the broken fairings all the time. Then guys started adding dirtbike bars to make them more manuverable. Then they just got out of hand with huge motor kits. The latest trend is to make the tail section point straight up in the air and to make them look more like MadMax bikes. I personally dig the big motor stripped down ones.

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