Contour Action Camera's HQ closes it's Doors Suddenly

Found another article where one of the founders left a strange and true quote....

"An agonizing feeling, that tele-tubby box of a camera haunted my dreams. The more I saw it the more I wanted to scream inside. Not out of anger, but out of disbelief that something so ugly could take over the market like a tidal wave."
I had the Contour Roam and really liked it but lost it on a ride. I now have the Drift HD. The one thing I remember most about the Contour is that it was made out of solid aluminum. It was a very rugged camera and much better aerodynamically than the GoPro. It's a shame that Contour is now defunked.

I have never been able to get over the fact that the GoPro is so non-aerodynamic and is why I would probably never buy one. If they would put that technology into a better body shape, I'd be all over it and I think it would be unstoppable.

That said, in a recent Sportbike Rider magazine, they covered some action cameras and there are some new players that look very promising...
I have to agree. Like the functionality of the Go Pro but it's design sucks. Sony makes an action cam that's sleek like the contour and has accessories similar to the GoPro. Thinking about getting that one.