Congrats to VaBusa


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VA........just wanted to congradulate you on gettin yer new silver/grey this coming up Saturday!!!
I bet yer real excited hey.
Hope ya have a blast on it......what am I sayin how can you not.....these things are addicting. :beerchug: :thumbsup:
Ride safely.

Congratulations, Michelle... Don't forget to take a picture of the hubby's sad face when you outrun him on one wheel :tounge:
Thanks guys! No sleep for three nights yeah, I'm pretty excited!

I'm getting ready to call the insurance company and beg them to give me a decent rate, but with the hubby's 3 current tickets, I'm not holding out too much hope...Here, I'll have the fastest machine at the house, and won't be able to risk a ticket...he's obliterated my "speeding ticket" cushion...

I'll be sure to post pics...we'll be back in VA on Saturday, and are hoping to both go out for the day on 3-year old knows we're going to get "Mommy's racing bike" :D Yeah, I love that!


Oh, and I'll try and catch the hubby's jealous cries with the digi... :)
Ok, I replied and it ain't here... WTF? :super:

Anyway, Have fun with it... and don't be skurd uv it! ;)

Oh my god, I am excited also. :)

This is going to be great. But PLEASE be carefull with your new love. She will be very giving (maybe yours will be a he) if you are smooth with her but will bite if you are not careful.

I really am excited for you.

Thanks again all have been so damn great (sniff sniff)...I'd like to thank all the little people that I had to step on to get here...


We'll be very careful getting "him" home...think I'll follow LoBusa and name the little guy...'Caesar' perhaps?

Looking forward to bugging the snot out of everyone with questions and ideas! Won't you be sorry! :D
Not a problem.

Windshield, bars, bags, pegs, tank protector, etc. There are lots of pictures and advice here as you know for add ons so you won't make mistakes.

Have you bought your leathers yet? Totally different fashion statement then your used too. And.......on this one, you should wear a helmet. Besides, it's part of the fashion thing.

Thanks 3 digits for me just yet...I'm taking my time!

Paul...I always ride with a a brand new full-face and brand new heavy leather coat; it might not be a Joe Rocket with the elbow pads, etc, but it's tough...I need new gloves...always wear lots of mods in mind, and I'll need to slowly change over all the Harley-type gear to Busa wear! :D But, I'm ready for now!
Congratulations VA. As for the insurance might be worthwhile to remove your Husband from the policy altogether.

1. Should really help lower the premiums.
2. Ensure's he doesn't end up wanting to ride the thing all the time. I see some disquiet in the VaBusa household coming. :D should go to you orthopedic doctor and have him tighten up your rotator cuffs in your shoulder. When you roll the busa's throttle, your arms will feel like they are tearing out of the sockets.

No lie, I thought I was going to lose the handlebars or my arms.

Ride careful around the corners.
Michelle – congrats on the new arrival…

The Busa handles a little different than a Harley, take it slow and enjoy…

Michelle, I am so happy for you that I decided to give you a free Angora Rabbit.