Coming Together :)


Well here is the new red bull holder :whistle: Wheels are just blanks from RC. I am not sure if I am going to have them custom cut. I have carbon ones on the way these are just temp. As for the brakes:laugh: Well up front at going brembo 34/38 monoblock race :cheerleader: Working on getting carbon ceramic rotors all the way around. Rear is larger then stock with new hanger also a brembo race. As for the rest custom ohlins internals on fork and rear shock. Front are cut 2 1/2 worth of travel no more straps :beerchug: Frame is a super flat black called solar black less then 2% reflection.

Can you release any details on the engine that will be going in this beast?......1441 maybe? Sweet Project bro, not one for the "Fatty" tire(just not my thang), but none the less......VERY NICE WORK SO FAR BRO! :beerchug:

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