Coming out of 2nd


My 2000 Hayabusa has come out of 2nd gear in a wheelie twice tonight I dont like it when my 1100 started doing that I had to replace 2nd and 5th anyone else have this problem I only have 4400 miles on it so far have you heard of any problems

Lots of wheelies? Check your sprockets for wear. With 4400 miles the gears should be fine, unless you pop the clutch every block. I have 18000 on mine in less thean a year with no problem.
You shouldn't have a problem with the tranny just make sure you are getting a positive up shift. That could be what is happening,especially if you have the front end off the ground. I run a reversed pattern on my Busa and find upshifting more positive this way. Its easy to do on the Hayabusa and you can go with the racing pattern..........
Cool thanks guys I may try it I am just nervous lots of years of shifting the normal way when I tried it on my 750 to many wrong shifts down I had to put it back. but I think you may be right I did some more wheelies last night and it was perfect toe getting lazy maybe I never pop the clutch i just roll on in first and shift up through I have gotten half of third done flying though I dont know how fast 120 130 maybe very fast dont dare try for fourth yet I had my 1100 for 6 years it was like part of me hopefully my busa will feel as comfortable this summer only got to ride it for a couple months last year