Help me out guys.

My past motorcycling experience has been on more "upright" sport/touring bikes, like the Honda V65 Sabre. To be honest, I'm finding the posture you're forced into on the Hayabusa more than a bit hard on my arms and shoulders.

Is the trick to put more of my weight on the tank, or to do more pushups to build up my upper body strength, or just to wait it out and it will feel better eventually, or . . . ?

Any suggestions you might have would be quite welcome.

With the exception of this one issue, I'm loving my Hayabusa.


This bike is really not bad considering what it is capable of with regard to speed, performance, etc...usually a bike that does this well in those categories is a bit more "slung" over.

That said, I'm a bit uncomfortable as well, but I don't think your push-ups will do much to help...I would recommend things such as rows or cable pulls...anything that will strengthen your lower back, as it will help you take some weight off of your wrists.

Also, experiment with how you hold your wrists on the bike...there are different ways to do so to achieve less weight directly on them.

Finally, if your riding experience is such that your comfortable with it, you can try something that has been a habit of mine for quite some your left elbow/forearm on the gas tank across about where the gas cap is when you're riding but have no need to shift. I find this VERY helpful in giving the wrists a rest.

Good luck!

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