Colorado Boys and Girls


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All Busa owners from Colorado...

I am wanting to plan a ride with Colo Busa owners and anyone else that wants to show. There seems to be interest from a few of our CO borthers and sisters to go on a team Busa ride...

Be a good chance for all of us to connect and put some faces with these name... (at least for me :) )

Do I have any votes on when and if you will show? Heard the wheather may not hold out this weekend from Eric, so I am thinking Nov.1.

Any opinions?

Where you at exactly Art? I am pretty familiar with the moutain ranges... (a lot of hiking camping from Buena Vista to Estes Park)

I'm in Telluride. I did a round trip to Cooper a few months ago and that was a pretty long day. Aspen is a fun ride from here.
Hummm. Where should we meet? Don't beleive I have been to telluride and if I have, I don't remember. Where is this approximately?

FGB and I are in the Denver area; we could meet together and then meet up with Art. What do you think?


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must be nice :)

I am at work right now, so I won't be able to make it today. I am request days off though if you wanted to plan something during the week? I could do the weekday thing as well instead of the weekend if that works better for you guys.

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I don't work on Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed so whenever is good for you.....Went for a ride with aurorabusa last night was pretty fun, cool guy.

cool man, that is the key, good partner riders. Must be nice having all those days off a week; I would be on the Busa everyday :D

maybe we could get aurorabusa on this ride as well?

cool... let's give it a while and let Art reply back to the forum and see what is opinion is on a meeting place. Do you have any suggestions on where to meet Art? All of us in the Denver area could meet anywhere, I will go wherever.

Somewhere around salida would be about half way......would be mostly highway but still fun. That would also be a good ride for the guy from colorado springs......would be a bit farther for the guy from fort collins but if he is ok with it so am I.


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Is our end destinaton going to be Aspen? If so, which road do you think we would take to get there from Salida?
I'm in as well. Down just East of the Springs here. Can cut into the hills or meet you guys up around Denver. Just drop a line. Would love to meet some other Busa owners as well.

Later fellas,???
Count me in on the weekends. Kinda hard for me to get away during the week, but every now and then I can slip out in the afternoon...

Eric, wish I were going with ya today dude, but when I got back from Sacramento, work had piled up, so gotta keep at it this afternoon
Gonna try to go for a ride tomorrow afternoon, even if its a short one.
Sorry I couldn't go riding with you on Sunday FGB, it was a perfect day for it.
Hey I am in for a ride if the weather holds up, looks like 49 on Sat and 57 on Sunday, so the mountains may be too cold to go riding up there. Sunday might be ok if we bundle up. Maybe we should wait until Friday to make a decision, they may update the weather forecast by then. I can see if BigWall would like to go as well, he doesn't spend much time on here anymore but I have his number.