Color laser printer (need help)


Formerly known as KAI
Well guys n gals, I'm looking to buy a color laser printer for my parents. We used to have a black laser printer but, I'm not sure whatever happened to it. It worked perfect too. We've had about 2-3 printers since then but, they were all crap and too much money and time were wasted dealing with them. I'd like to go back to the laser printers.

I've tried doing searches but, I seemed to always come up on printers meant for big offices. I was planning on stopping by best buy before I head out to work but, I was hoping to get some opinions on what to look for (spec/brand/whatever). I'd appreciate any info regarding this! Thanks!
I have a couple of Dell 2335 Color laser printers. I think I paid about $300 each. They work great and if you buy the aftermarket replacement toner cartridges they are cheap use.