Color choices for '02 Busa?


New guy here.

I am looking into getting rid of my '03 VTX1300R (it's a criuser
) and getting a Busa. What I would really like is a 40th anniversary one, but I figured I might save a few hunderd bucks and get a left over '02 bike. One of the local dealers have a black/grey one. That color scheme is nice (althought not my first choice), but I was curious to see what other color combos are available that I still might be able to find somewhere.

I really like the blue/grey ones, and the all black ones are really pimp, but getting one of those might be a little more difficult. If I end up selling my bike outright first I might even consider buying a new/really low mileage one off of E-Bay.
All the colours listed, from the ugliest to the best of the best (in that order!)

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