Cold weather riding question


Hey all,

I was riding to work today and it was in the mid-low 40's.  The motor never got up to "normal" operating temperature, even when I was cruising at 9000 rpm's (this was a ZX-7, not a Busa).

Question is this: when the Busa comes in (that is after I order, that is after I can get a 2004), how cold is "too cold" for the motor?

Working in a Suzuki/Kawasaki dealership for a couple years, I've never seen radiator covers (like you see on Semi's in the winter) - is such a thing prudent or is it cool (no pun intended) to run at under "normal" operating temps? :super:
Hmm good question, here in the great white north, I've bundled up and ridden my bike down to -8 degrees, (sorry for the American guys reading this, not sure what that is in Fehrenheit, ( I think it's low twenties).  I've never even thought about whether or not this is too cold - I can't see why it would be as long as the coolant tests fine. I do however worry about tire traction at this temp.  Even at -8, the engine temperature climbs up to normal where it always is.  I don't think you have to worry at all Mad_Otter.

P.S. whereabouts in Germany you from ?  My ex Schatz kommt aus Cuxhaven, norden von Bremen.
The coldest I've ridden in was 34 deg F. It ran a little cool but it was fine.

Anybody know what the wind chill is at 34F and 80 mph wind?
I've ridden into the single digits before (not with the 'Busa). Shouldn't be any problem. Just make sure to let the motor warm up a bit before leaving your driveway and you should be fine.
Cold Weather isn't a problem for the bikes really, let it warm up fully before you depart. Just be careful, if it's really cold your tires may not ever get to proper operating temp, and be sure to bundle yourself up. Hypothermia is fairly fast acting and at 50-60 MPH the wind chill can be severe.
I rode mine all winter last year .. Even on the coldest days when the temps dropped down to 7 degrees f. No problem just as the others said let it warm up and take it easy on your tires.
Couple of layers of clothes, scarf or turtleneck, anti-fog spray for faceshield and you should be fine. Only been down to 16' F myself but no problems there aside from tires. Hell, even got out of a ticket becuase the cop felt sorry for me for being out in the cold at 3 am on way home from work.
As I mentioned be careful in the cold folks...

I spent 8 hours riding back from Aspen Colorado to Colorado Springs Via Independance Pass. It was the last weekend the Pass was going to be open, right at the end of September. Temp on the pass was 25deg, It got warmer from there until we got to Colorado Springs, a toasty 44deg. I was on the Blackbird, and frozen nearly to the point of going to the Hospital. A Hot Bath and a couple Single Malts later I was better though my thighs didn't defrost until morning allmost...

Pack a pair of rubber gloves and a large hefty Trash Bag with a little bit of Duct tape. May not look cool but if you can block the wind, you are 75% there...

Speaking of cold I once rode home from work when I was living in NY. 2 hours at -10F. I pulled into a gas station. I had to hold myself & the bike up with one hand. I could not unbend my legs. Now that is as cold as I ever want to be. Prolly why I moved to Rainy, drizzly Florida. At least now when I'm miserable I can get off the bike!
Coldest I've ridden in is 17F. That was cold. I was about 19 and riding a Madura 1200. I have a heated vest now. Makes life easier!
The busa's thermostat seems to work pretty good, it'll never get too hot in that kind of weather but it will run fine... As they said, let'er get warmed up a bit before you romp on it.
As a Canadian, I am THOROUGHLY impressed with some of the extremely cold weather you guys have ridden on !! :cool:

I thought I was hardcore, but I hold a backseat to some of you guys !! :sad:
I have to say I couldn't ride during the winter if it wasn't for Widder. The vest and gloves work great. Its like I am wearing an electric blanket.
I'm not sure what the coldest I've ever riden in but it was snowing once.  :eek:  The coldest unprepaired was 32 and all I had on was my work uniform (pants, tee shirt with a long sleeve shirt over it.  That was the time I ran the apartment complex out of hot water. :laugh: