Clutchless shifting...

Clutchless shifting... - Good, Bad, Safe, Dangerous?

  • There's a clutch? Never use it except for starts and stops.

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  • Rarely use clutch, It's harmless if done right.

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  • Sometimes use the clutch, gotta be careful.

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  • Always use the clutch, not doing so is harmful.

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  • NO Clutch when playing/riding hard, clutch the rest of the time.

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OK all, What I am wondering is does not using the clutch during up and downshifts hurt anything?  Assuming you use proper technique I.E. carefully matching RPM's and good throttle control?

Time for input...Thanks all.

BTW Myself?  I seem to have a habit of clutchless upshifting almost exclusively.  Downshifting W/O occasionally.  Around town I seem to fall into an almost random blend, I have yet to really figure out why.
New gears are cut so close that not using the cluthc on 2-6 is fine, However, I do not believe going down is good.
Thanks Ninja,
Thats the kind of input I was looking for...

I never seem to get a definitive answer.
This weekend I was riding my Turbo which has a lock-up clutch. No way to use the clutch over about 7k RPM. So, I dump the throttle (off) and snap into the next gear.

I was doing this on 1-2 shifts too. Is that bad NE?rock.gif
what is that word???

j/k, hardley ever use the clutch except in town, and don't downshift without the clutch... that is the hardest on the gears etc.
1st to 2nd or the first gears to go. Shifting without he clutch is ok when you have enough rpms. Just don't bank it slow. Best is not to use 1st for most people. If you are riding alot you know what your doing.
I find REV , that I "sort of use it" . By that I mean my two fingers are resting on the lever anyway so why not . However the amount of pull I use on it , I may aswell not bother . Thats goin up . Coming down the same .
Exceptions : Racing some green bike .
: Racing some punk in Daddies new Viper
: downshifts at real low speed (I find they dont clunk or bang or nuthin' ) then NO CLUTCH .
I know exactly what you mean, seems like you can get it mostly disingaged with just the two fingers that yeah, are covering it anyway...Downshifts I am trying to remember to use the clutch, besides, without it you can't get the "sporty" throttles blips worked in there as you downshift...
All 6, up and down. I shift much faster and much more smoothly without the clutch.

Now if I could figure out how to get away without using it to stop... biggrin.gif
Oh, getting close to 3 years and 30K miles soon and the tranny is still working, so I must be doing something right. wink.gif
Hey Narcissus,

Have you experianced any increase in tranny problems? Specifically gears eating themselves? Compared to your buddies...etc?
I have allmost allways used the clutch... thinking i would mess up my gears I guess, now I have to try and "learn" a new technique. Hmmmm rock.gif Is this also cool or OK when nearing redline?

Since we are on the subject, whats an air shifter for?
Thanx - KMC
An air shifter uses compressed air and piston(dont know what to call it) to move the shift level with the push of a button.
Clutch off the line
Clutch 1st to 2nd (bike seems to come out of gear alot if you dont clutch 1 to 2)

clutchless 2 through 6

ALWAYS use the clutch when downshifting

I only clutchless when riding hard or racing. It can tear up your transmission if not done properly. The trick is to acclerate as hard as you can, let off the throttle about 20 percent, click and GET BACK ON IT HARD!!!

It's literally a wrist flick under hard accceleration, I go from 100-80-100 percent throttle within about 1/3rd of a second.

I tried clutchless from 1st to 2nd, and was constantly coming out of gear. I heard that poop from 1st to 2nd is brutal on the transmission, even with the clutch, so I guess without it just doesnt engage properly. Went back to clutch and practiced 1st to 2nd, never had a problem with keeping up

I'll show ya this weekend

I agree with most all.  Upshifting ok (except 1st to 2nd).  But downshifting not gud.  In a car, downshifting clutchless is ok, because you can synchronize the gears in neutral before popping it in.

Not pointed towards Revlis... Because I see he already rides this way... But for anyone who hasn't ridden clutchless and is thinking about it after this discussion: One thing that I didn't see mentioned above was that the bike tends to lurch more clutchless...  So until you are used to it, hang-on with both hands.
Again, no lurching... .if done right. You must become one with the bike. wink.gif

And my transmission is in top shape, BTW. idea.gif
Again, no lurching... .if done right. You must become one with the bike. wink.gif

And my transmission is in top shape, BTW.  idea.gif
This is correct you will not lurch forward if done correct. The main poin here though is that everyones riding style is different. So feel out what is good for the individual little at a time. I do it all the time I just choose to do it my way.
Lurch..."You Rang?"
 I think I know what Vripley is talking about though, if you are not really working your way through the gears in a hurry, IE puttering around town I have noticed a lurch.
 Just a side note, I had second gear explode on me in Colorado, it sent bits of metal all through the tranny locked it tight, things got a little squirly I grazed the guardrail but got REAL lucky, it stayed upright Thanks to being leaned up against a guard rail via my right shin&knee I wont claim any skill Just luck... parked it, smoked a butt and did that adrenal OD dance on the side of the road... Anyhoo, point is I allmost never clutchless up from first to second now.  Especially not on the Busa.  I love this thing too much...
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