Clutchless Shifting Using Rev Limiter

The Gribbler

Im gonna be running at Kilkare dragway this Thursday. Im new to clutchless shifting but I understand the idea of preloading the shifter and then blipping the throttle to let it shift gears. I flipped the shifter so that now "shifting down" makes it go up in gears.

QUESTION- instead of blipping the throttle, can I just let it hit the rev limiter without letting off of WOT? In theory wouldn't that be like using a quickshifter to cut power without having to do anything on my end?
Using the rev limiter to do a clutchless shift is no good as a rev limiter cuts out normally 2 of the 4 cylinders to stop it revving any higher so if you try to shift the gears are still under some load ie the torque is still holding them in mesh, a quickshifter disconnects all 4 cylinder for about 50 ms enabling a full throttle clutchless up shift ,throttle blipping is used when changing down the box the gearbox dogs are also meshed but on the opposite faces. This is due to the compression of the engine acting as a brake. Precisely blipping the throttle by the correct amount at the correct time provides a brief window when the gears are unloaded and the shift can take place.. The ignition or fuel interrupt is of no use in this situation as killing the engine will make the engine braking even more severe and mesh the gears even more firmly. This is why a throttle blip is required for downshifting which means that both up and downshifts can be made clutchless Flatshifter make a system that enables this.
I've used the rev limiter on my old Z1000. Actually it was usually by accident as I wasn't watching the tach and bumped the limiter before blipping the throttle. I've never tried it on a Busa. I also don't feel like it would make you any faster - blipping the throttle is pretty quick and you don't have to completely close it.
Don't use the Limiter. Depending on your bike and where the Hp/Torque curve is, usually (How I understand it) Your Max Hp/Torque is before the limiter kicks in. I don't drag Race so one of our Pro's will have to chime in here. I have an MPS ele over air shifter and that thing shifts pretty darn fast! BUMP FOR A PROFESSIONAL!:bowdown:
I've not done it on the 1/4 mile track, but do clutchless all the time on my Gixxer at the road racing tracks. You get tons of practice since you are running around in circles. Hammer down, blip, shift, hammer down. Don't know about the preloading, I just shift during the slight unloading of the throttle. It drops right in gear.
I too don't race the Busa but have been doing clutchless shifting for a long time now. Just second nature now after doing it so long. Hopefully one of the drag guys will chime in and clear this up for you.
I've done it after reading about it in a mag. , the guy was on a different bike. It was slower than the blip shift, and I think harder on the bike.
u only hit the limmiter if u want 2 pull the parachute every gear change, just unload the motor a little & click. my 2 cents worth
too much time on the limiter causes damage to the bearing and can put windows in your case.... get the air shifter or get your feet to hit the shift lever.