clutch slipping


i just purchased a 06 busa i rode it for a while and it was good but the cluch started slipping so i took out all the clutches and plates keeping them in the same order as i took them out and zip tied them together so i would not mix them up.after inspecting them myself and then taking them to shop to look at they were not worn or burnt.I put them back in and bled the clutch lever and everything was good for a while.then it started slipping again when i ride it for like 10 minutes.i never bled a clutch before but I'm guessing its like bleeding brakes.

i will try to bleed again.But what do you busa guys and gals thing i should do.
they might not look worn but the stack height might be off:whistle:

and you might want to change the springs for some heavier ones if you are over 200lbs


Call me Liberace!
your engine oil is the same oil that's on the clutch, you need motorcycle oil. wet clutch man.
well took it to my buddy he is a busa expert. there where two problems 1st clutches and plates where in wrong.2nd after market clutch lever.Been riding all day for the last three days an no slipping.:laugh::cheerleader:

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