clutch sleeve hub nut removal


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I'm trying to get the gps out i'm having problems with the nut holding cluth hub is too tight and i don't have the special tool for it. any ideas how to remove the nut without the special tool.


Firstly, the nut that you are trying to remove is "staked"
That is a punch is used to push the rim of the nut towards the threads, so as to lock it, so it won't come loose.
The pic is of mine after I did the "Brocks" mod.
I staked both sides, and you don't have to do that, just the side so it won't come loose.
It is easier to get the nut off if you somehow remove that stake.
You may be able to get a screwdriver in there, and drive it in a bit to loosen that piece off some. (the metal there us fairly soft).
You could also use a dremel in the worse case scenario, but be careful of the chips and dust. Don’t get any in the oil.
Also I staked mine a lot, and you don’t have to do it that much.
Second the hub wants to turn, when you try and take the nut off.
You have to stop it from turning, that is the job of the special tool.
I made a tool out of an old disc plate, as posted and it works good.
You could use something else (like a strap) or whatever you can think of.
Third, the best way to help yourself do this is an impact.
This job is real easy if you can borrow or rent an impact – really worth it.

Good luck!

Let us know how you did.




I never put that divot in.

To get the nut off, put the bike into 5th or 6th gear and apply the rear brake before turning the nut. Easy!


Anybody know the size of that nut?Need to know if I have a big enough socket(32mm is the largest I have)before we do Jeremy's welded clutch mod.
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