Clutch reach - how close will it go?


I haven't seen a thread addressing this specifically, so here goes.

I like my clutch close the the handlebar. I don't have small hands (glove size L-XL), it's just my preference. On my ER650, I had the clutch set so I could bring it in all the way to disengage completely (of course), then start to grab within 1/2" of movement. On the Busa, there is a lot of "dead space" between where the clutch disengages and where it is pulled back all the way. I don't like it. There are times when it seems like the clutch is taking forever to grab, and my throttle hand is expecting it to take, and the RPMs shoot up past where I want. This is with the stock adjustment set as close to the handlebar as it will go.

Is there a way to adjust this with the stock levers, or will I have to shell out for some Pazzos? Is there some reason to have so much play between the handlebar and the friction zone?

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well if you do not like the amount of adjustment with the stockers, you can try pazzo's.. they do offer a bit more adjustablilty.. (I have a set for sale btw $125 TYD) black/red adjusters

You might get rid of about half that dead air.. (MIGHT)


Hmm...converting to a cable clutch is more extensive than I want to go - hoping to just bolt something onto the handlebars and be done. I'll PM Bogus about the Pazzos. That cam from Brocks might be the way to go. Thanks for the link, jefro.

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