Clutch Questions????

I have a 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa with approx 31000 miles on it...I ride daily, a bit on the aggressive side, a bit of road racing and visit the track sometimes twice per month I'm starting to hear some noises coming from the inside the clutch cover...And the bike is really hard to launch (jerky/ will stall if I try to launch at a high RPM)...I did some research and found out that I might have to change my clutch basket, clutch plates and clutch Hub...

What are your suggestions???
What could be causing my problem???
should I replace the Clutch Plates (Fibers and Steel), Clutch Basket and Clutch Hub with OEM Parts???
Or are there any better High performance Clutch components out there???

Sounds like you may have one or more broken fibers in there. At that mileage I would order some oem fiber and steel plates and don't forget a clutch cover gasket.
I agree with the others, it sounds like the clutch fibers. I have an 06 also that has 34,000 miles on her and Justin at Honda East recommended due to mileage, and still had the stock ones, it was time for new Fibers, Discs, and springs. Changed it all and has a better feel.
thanks guys..looks like everyone's saying its the fibers...will change them and see if that helps....
What do you guys say???? Should I use he Trac King Plates and fibers or OEM???
Dude you got over 30, 000 miles of hard abuse out of a clutch and your wondering if there is anything better? Marketing really works on the ignorant.

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