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Hey Guys (& Girls), appreciate your time. I have an 07 with 12,500 miles and when I exchanged rides with my buddy (he has an 07 ZX-14 w/ 5k miles) I noticed his clutched release position was alot closer to the grip than mine, which doesn't release until about 75% out (which btw, I don't mind). He was blown away by how far it took to engage.

So the question - the further out it releases - does that mean my clutch is wearing already? Or is there a simple adjustment? The actual Clutch lever is esentially stock (traded out the stock alum for black). Fluid levels are right where they are suppose to be, and as far as a rider, I've had numerous bikes over the 25yrs of riding and never a clutch issue or concern

Any and all feedback would be appreciated!


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the lever is adjustable with that little dial on it to get it closer to the handle bars but it will not change the engagement/disengagement point however if you want to can change this if you carfully mod the actuating rod that goes to the clutch. the slave cylinder for the clutch located by your trans output shaft pushes a rod that goes through the case, you can pull the rod out and slightly shorten it (Very little like by half mm increments or something) it is better to do it a little at a time then to much and your screwed and need a new push rod. also do NOT score the rod at all or I would replace because it needs the perfect smooth sides to make the seal in the engine effective. there might be other ways too but this is an easy one to do and all it requires is removing the slave cylinder and sliding the push rod out, oh and when putting the rod in make sure it is totally clean and lightly lubricate for the seals safety during insertion.


PS. I did do this to mine and love it
I thought the engagement was to
far out too, and figured out this
was a way to compensate for it.
like I said very little at a time off
the end matting to the slave cylinder


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Other than the lever pivot point...there is no adjustment on a Busa clutch. It's hydraulic and that is how it works.


I would prefer mine to release/engage farther from the grip. Much easier to shift and easier on the hand. Why would you want it to engage close to the grip?
It's his clutch that needs adjustment. Your clutch is fine.


if you want the clutch to engage quicker (mine did this when i bought it until i fixed this), take out the little copper round thing in the clutch lever that the piston pushes against. It will not disengage the clutch with two fingers.

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