Clutch Problems


Alright I was at the strip tonight for a
Test and tune and lost my clutch in fourth at speed. Had to kick down to grab a lower gear and cut it when I got back to the trailer.

Clutch lever has very little tension. Checked and fluid was half full in reservoir. Didn't appear to have any holes in the line, and no leakage along the line. It looks as though I did lose a front sprocket cover bolt (bottom long bolt). Looked like the kickstand had some sort of fluid and it was wet just below sprocket cover.

Any ideas? How easy or hard of a fix might I have ahead of me?
I would look and see if the sprocket cover is cracked, if by chance it has heavy springs in it.

When you say lost clutch explain?

did you loose pressure at the handle bar?

does the bike when cranked in nuetral and you try to put in first just lurch forward and shut off?

You rode it back so clutch is fine.

it could be likely when you pull sprocket cover from long time slime build. the slave froze, built pressure and blew seal out in slave and now when you squeeze it the pressure bleeds by not moving the plunger...
I was trying to shift and couldn't get into another gear. When I realized it, I couldn't downshift until the rpms came down. I lost pressure in the clutch lever- it pulls in but isn't the same tension, much lighter. The bike will change into different gears when sitting still, but when trying to shift into first from neutral with clutch pulled in it lunges forward and dies.

It feels like when I broke the clutch cable on my old gixxer.
ok that means the clutch is fine cause your lever wouldn't disengage it. start on sprocket side and pull the cover.
Hopefully I can start pulling it apart tonight. Doesn't look like the sprocket cover is cracked. Gonna try to order replacement sprocket cover bolt over lunch.
As Danial said, look closely to the sprocket cover!
Couldnt shift on the dragstrip? Are you using the clutch while shifting on the strip? if yes, WHY??

Sounds to me something is up with the slave cylinder

I wouldnt change the springs, this problem your describing has nothing to do with clutch springs, Worn clutch springs will cause slipping and premature clutch wear.
Looked again and case is not cracked. When I pull in the clutch, the sprocket case pushes out. Could one bolt cause this? Ordered two from the dealer today. May pull the bolt on my 600 and see if this fixes. That would make my day.

Oh, and if anyone cares my best run last night was 10.68 at 136mph. Not bad for first trip to the strip on the busa (2nd ever) and only 5 runs.
Wait till it gets real hot again from making passes to tell us its truly fixed. heat causes some major issues.

did you pull the slave apart and clean and inspect it?