clutch problem?


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In the morning when I first start my busa and engage the clutch it chatters (bike gets jerky like clutch not engaging). It does not always do this every morning but it has happened now 4 times and yesterday when I made my first stop at a light and started to engage the clutch to take off it stated jerking like the clutch was'ent engaging properly...If I pull the clutch lever back in once and then release it I can proceed smoothly and it never does it the rest of the day...It seems to only happen in the morning on cold start when I use the clutch for the first's never done this has 11,700 miles and I change the oil (mobil gold cap) every 2000 miles...I hav'ent beat the hell out of it or anything nor have I abused the clutch...Please help..THANKS
Are you sure it's not the revs dropping too low with a cold engine? Try opening the throttle a little more and easing the clutch in, then see if you get the same hesitation.
No, It's not the revs droping to low...I always let her warm up for 5min. then split. It seems like no matter how much throttle I give it when I ease the clutch lever out it starts jerking like the clutch is'ent enagaging smoothly. It did'ent do it the last two mornings, just seems to happen every so often.

Could my clutch have something loose that would cause this that I can check?

I just don't want something to detinate at freeway speed (always obey all posted speeds
) and end up street pizza
my oo does same dam thing only on first pull in. fine while riding. park next morning it does it again. checked cover and things, everythings fine but my clutch fluid is black again !!time to flush it i guess