Clutch Mod


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I've got 30,000 miles on my bike the clutch getting a little tired and it is the time of year to change things. I was looking at the clutch mod at schnitz racing( billet cage, heavier springs) ,and of coarse the clutch itself. Has anyone done this mod If So, how does it work.
Well Im going to have to do something with my clutch... Im at 12,000 miles and when I start the cycle and leave the clutch just locks up and if the RPMs at at what would be normal to take off the bike will stall. I have to rev up the motor hold the front brake and dump the clutch to break it free. After I do this the clutch acts normal for the rest of the day.... Its been bugging the crap out of me... going to pull it apart and find what the heck is going on in there.... I have posted this before but no one has any idea what it is,,, im thinking the clutch pack is sticking together or something like that..
PS: ok I see some type Os... sorry working 11p to 7a and my tail is dragging.... so I will be nice and just say..... live with it!!!
I know we have some english teacher types in here... I know your just trying to make me look better
I am not doing many runs on the 1/4 these days, so i am running 2 stock springs along with 2 heavy springs. i do not want to go to a lock up, but i need to do more research for the Turbo's power.
Good news talked to one of the guys I ride with that has done the mod. Says the clutch has never felt this good. He is able to launch the bike and it does not get the clutch chatter like mine. I rode it, Feels good will be doin mine very soon.