Clutch Knock in Neutral.


I have a new (800miles) K3 an I seem to have a knocking noise from the clutch when the bike is cold.When its warmed up the noise goes 90%, just a hint still there. When I took the bike in for its first service (600miles)I was told that there was nothing wrong.
Ok thats fine and the bike has a 2 year warranty but it just seems unusual for a brand new bike to make any sort of knocking noise, not in this day and age anyway. Anyone out there had this problem. UK.Rider.
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Yes, the Busa does have some noises that you would think it shouldn't have. As much as I hate to say it this is normal.
I just purchased a new 03 Limited Busa. I noticed the same thing. Mine has a slight knock when sitting in neutral and it goes away when i engange the clutch. It also has a slight vibration between 3500 and 4500 rpm. I have been reading other post and people are saying its normal and i kindof think it may be. Still gonna take it to the dealer i bought it from and let them check it out, these are good people and I trust them. I will post monday what they tell me.....
All you hear is the gear train knocking around because there is no load on it. Every transmission in the world will do that to a greater or lesser extent.


I have an '03 busa with 1,200 miles on it, and it has engine vibrations around 3500rpm as well. I sold a Triumph "triple" - triples have good primary balance - so that motor was very smooth and on my first ride on the 'busa, the vibrations were very noticeable. The 'busa has a balance shaft to help smooth it out - but as you all have noticed, it still does have some vibration points. Not a problem - just a part of the design. Don't worry - just enjoy the power

Well I posted this notice when I first got my bike and it seems as though all who have replied have the same "Problem" although from what I can gather it is NOT a problem, just the normal Busa. I have now got 1500 miles on the clock and it is just the same, I dont like it and I prefer my bikes to Purr but the Hayabusa is much more agressive, and is not like a Blackbird or ZX12.
As far as vibration I havn't really noticed that much.But I did have a Bandit and Round about 6000 it would make yuor hands and feet numb, Then that bike was so Quiet.
All bikes have there own character and although I dont like it I accept the Hayabusa for what it is,a very quick bike and more.
I need some help. I have a 03 with 1400 miles on it. They are telling me that the shift fork is bent and first and fifth are rounded. The bike has yet to be ridden hard. I always ride them to 1500 miles before I haul ass. the bike was in at roughly 600 miles because it was making noise into first. They tell me its a rider induced problem but I have been riding suzukis for 15 years of road and 6 years on. I have also been drag racing for 4 years. Can anyone help>?
It sounds as though they are just trying to get out of repairing the bike. You dont say if it is your dealer or Suzuki.

Most people paying this much for a new bike try and run it in for the first thosand miles. After that anything goes. They advertise the bike as the fastest most powerful production bike in the world, surely they are built with some tolerance to abuce.

I think they are just trying it on.If all else fails you will have to get some legal advice. Good luck.