Clutch grinding and grabbing / The fix

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Well its been some time since I posted the question about my clutch. As a matter of fact its been so long the post is no longer on the pages. So here we go first a refresh on what the problem was and then what I found was wrong and the fix. Last summer the clutch started making a noise when I tried to start off after the bike sat over night.  I would let out the clutch and it made a grinding noise and if the revs were not way up the bike would stall.  I found to get past this I had to hold the front brake rev the motor and pop the clutch to break it free then it sounded normal and acted normal.  Every time I went to ride in the start of the day I had to break the clutch free. It was a real pain in the ass and no one had any idea what it was.....   Well spring has sprung and I took the cycle to the shop.  Here is the answer  to the question on what was wrong....
    There  is a cam type of device on the clutch that turns as you give more power.  Its purpose is to keep the clutch from slipping as you crank on it, it turns and puts more pressure on the clutch plates. Mine they said was galled and pitted and had caused this cam to lock in the full on location. This they said kept me from slipping out the clutch and just made it grab and lock up as I let out the clutch.
     It looks to be the right fix the bike is back to acting normal...  I hope this will help out anyone that may have the same problem.
it is the Clutch plate problem.. dont worry about this.. this is not terrible problem.. when you start your engine at neutre (N)
you must close your Clutch put it.. dont rpm over without put the Clutch .... and you will check your Clutch maybe one of them broken..and you will change it with the new one this voice will be stop..

yoshimura Clutch plate set is teh solution for this problem..

check it...and tell me changing..

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