Clutch Fluid Leaking, NOT FROM THE SLAVE!


I noticed my clutch fluid leaking whenever I use the clutch. Its leaking from the reservoir cover. I have both screws tight, the rubber piece IS in fact where it belongs, under the cover, yet it leaks just a little every time I use the clutch. There are two little slits, one on each side of the black clutch reservoir cover and it leaks from the slit on the left side. Its been doing this since a buddy changed my fluid. He even double checked everything and said he put everything back the way it was. Please help.

Its an 06.
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There should be no pressure in the reservoir, even when it is used.
He probably overfilled it.
It should only be 1/2 way in the window (with the lid on).
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Reservoir shouldn't be filled to the top.

Had the same exact problem.Took the cap off and cleaned and reassembled it.No more leaking and sight is about 1/2 full now :moon:.Take it 4 what its worth.
It was filled to half way of the clutch reservoir window. Yet it still leaks and leaks, even until the reservoir window is showing empty. The other day I was at a high altitude in Colorado, and it was almost as if it was seeping out of the reservoir, even with the clutch not being used. Thanks again for the ideas and keep them coming if possible.
At this point I would replace that whole reservoir assembly.
There are cheap ones on ebay.
That will fix the problem I'm sure.