Clutch cover

Has anyone seen anything to protect you from burning yourself on the clutch cover where it sticks out of the fairing on the right side. Or am i the only one who has hit it with my leg and get a quick reminder of how hot the engine is.


I'd be guessing you are not wearing gear?
My pants and boots both give me insulation from that heat and together, no problem.


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Like the others said, it sounds like you're not wearing gear, and gear would solve your problem. Don't let us run you off because of this though. Folks around here simply get tired of seeing fellow riders get hurt in minor (and major) crashes when the proper attire could've prevented injury. Don't be turned off by the replies you may get on this topic, just understand that these guys and gals only want the best for one another.


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:welcome: to the oRg. Never suffered from what you're describing. Even if I wore shorts I don't think my leg would contact the clutch cover :dunno:


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I just went back and reviewed a Busa pic and other than your big toe I don't know how you get your leg on it without taking your foot off the peg...

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