clutch cover oil level sight


has anyone ever removed the sight glass out of the clutch cover. i am swapping for a chrome cover and i need to swap the glass. can anyone tell me how to do this? i just talked to the dealer, it is not listed seperately he said. also i could not find a post on here anywhere about it. i have heard that there is a trick to it and was just wondering in anyone knew.
Simple. remove the rubber gasket, press it with your finger and it will pop out. get some gasket seal and seal around the chrome coverand replace the glass and gasket.. Wa-la you're done. Make sure you start it and ride around the block to check for any leaks
check with the chrome shop before you remove the glass . I had mine plated by Custom Works and they plated it with the glass still in and it looks and works as good as the day I bought the bike . They were also as much as $40 cheaper than everybody else and The chrome comes with a lifetime warranty .