Clutch basket? Stator "plug" leaking.


Hello. I have a 1397 cc 2004 Busa. 8k miles. My engine make a knocking noise just off idle and on the stator side of the bike, where the wires exit that cover, the rubber wire holder leaks. I have tried using sealer on that grommet, and it worked for a while, Leaking again around the exiting wires. Several shops have told me the knocking noise, only present under no load, low rpm, super light throttle, is the clutch basket inner springs are worn and allow "play". Any suggestions on these two problems? Thanks, Jim
On the stator, did you seal the leaks from the inside, or on the outside, as for the knocking sounds, replace the inner hub with a welded one or a one piece replacement
Thanks. The stator wire exit grommet was sealed, while mechanic was doing other work, from inside and out supposedly. Was fine for about 800 miles, now leaking very slightly. Appears that the oil is making its way through the wire entry and exits rather than around the outside of the grommet. Solution appears to be replacing the entire stator $$$ just to get it to seal at the grommet. Second issue, the "knocking", just off idle, no load. The part of the clutch that contains inner springs with metal leaves holding them in and a gear attached to the back of it, is what I am calling the "basket". Three shops have listened to my bike, and said that was the problem, as the inner springs get loose and allow "play". There is of course an "inner" basket looking part, but they say it is the "outer", larger one that is the problem. I do not race my bike, so they say ordering a new OEM outer basket, which comes with a sleeve, and I will replace that bearing also, is the fix. Since my bike does not make the knocking noise at any rpm other than described above, I am thinking that rods, wrist pins, mains, etc. are not suspect. I would hate to spend money on the basket and bearing only to find out that my pro built 1397cc, with JE pistons, etc, is about to toss a rod! Let me know what you think. Thanks,Jim