Clutch Assist


Hi all, from the UK here. Just joined the site and have spent the last few hours reading the threads, had my 2009 Hayabusa since March 2012 and love it :thumbsup: Ive been wondering how the clutch assist works? I know about slipper clutches and im a seasoned trackday rider (27 trackdays) and how they work having had a 2008 ZX-10R as in they help to prevent the rear wheel sliding due to engine braking/aggressive downshifts but hardly have to call on one to work as I blip the throttle on downsifts to match road/rear wheel/gearbox/engine speed. Its the other way thats new to me ie during launches, is it a type lock up clutch? I know the cush drives on my bike need replacing which is first on my list of things to do but it does seem a bit of a pig to launch as in you get the revs up, introduce and slip the clutch and it seems to jump as if the clutch fully engages when you still maybe want a bit of slip. Its a standard clutch on a Gen2 Hayabusa, I hope someone can enlighten me. Cheers all
The clutch hub on a stock Gen II busa has a cam mechanism that reduces force on off-throttle and increases force on full-throttle. The ZX10 you raced has a similar mechanism. Its not a lock up. It just a cam that increases pressure under load. Good idea for road racing where you don't want a lot of trailing brake throttle on corner entrances. Not a great idea for drag race launches. This mechanism is one of the first things that people remove if they wish to drag race their Hayabusa. The cam mechanism doesn't allow for smooth clutch feed. It starts to lock under load and makes it very difficult to feed the clutch resulting in wheelies or bogging.