Clunker Bill Passed....


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why not help out us who burn through a vehicle every 3 years. I could trade off my 06 for an extra $4500 over what they wanted to give me Monday and they would have sold another truck and someone who could not afford new...could have had a great 2006 Crew Cab Chevy. But since I dont "qualify" I get to keep my current 105,000 mile truck that I get 22mpg on the highway with and they get a batch of shiddy cars on lots for $4500........nice, real nice.


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intresting... as article says more for suv drivers and truck drivers not car's to be turned in. but like me its hard getting a usable vehicle that can also navigate the snow.


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$4500? That won't even cover the depreciation incurred after the new vehicle leaves the lot.


ehhh Im not saying its the best thing ever but I know if I had some crappy 80s van that got 12mpg and falling apart I would be a happy camper right now... I know it still needs to be signed by the president and all but I think this could potentially help some people out


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Awwwwwwwww yes, just what I wanted to do. Pay some clunker guy for his piece of junk. I just love the way our Government spends MY money. As though enough people who have 18 to 25 year old cars that are JUNK, can afford a NEW $35,000 car. Uhhhhhhhhh, does that go with a NEW HOUSE with no payments for the first 5 years also :laugh:

Another Government Auto Management Sales Plan. Just like the: THEY'RE JUST TOO BIG FOR US TO LET THEM GO INTO BANKRUPTCY :rofl:. Uhhhhhhhhhh :whistle:, I think they did even with the Massive Brain Power of our "Never Had A Real Job Before" Congressmen who blew the first $70 Billion and now are throwing in another $35 Billion in the Auto Industry.

I wish I was that smart :whistle:

Ain't they GREAT :cheerleader:


So if I am not "responsible" with my choices, and got a pavement princess to cruze around in, I will get bailed out just like if I cant pay my mortgage because I got into a house I couldnt afford.. I think its crap, we cut back on gas use and bought more fuel efficient cars and the oil companies raise prices because we did what the government told us to to, but its costing us more money...

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