clunk when letting out clutch 1st gear


My 99 seems to have a clunk when i come away from a stop. the clunk happens just as the clutch fully engages as if something in the throwout fork is catching on something. I feel it in the shifter. It does NOT happen all the time and only happens when i have come to a complete stop and then take off relatively slowly. i have not noticed it when i have shifted from neutral to first. only after coming down from second to first and stop with the clutch in. If it was a mechanical clutch i would almost swear it was something in the cam at the throwout fork. It may be that it is the rear hub cushions. the dealer who replaced the brake rotor that got eaten by a caliper that froze, did a piss poor job of putting things back together( never adjusted the chain or bled the brakes or even locked down the chain tensioners). I will have to watch and see if the chain jumps at all. It feels like it is in the clutch housing tho. any help would be appreciated.........

I would take a look at that chain. How many miles does that chain have?

Did you buy that bike new? Have you replaced the chain, sprockets? Did you change them both at the same time?

Do you hear this in any other gear?

My speculation is that you have a worn chain, combined with a worn sprocket, that is causing binding between the chain and sprocket due to wear. Some of the chain links have elongated past the teeth of the sprocket and bind, that produces the clunk.

Just my .02 cents.

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Yano, i just looked at my chain before i read your insightful reply. after the dealer forgot to adjust the chain at all, i adjusted it on the wheelstand...and was in a hurry, swing arm took up the slack when the bike was down (my bad, know better). i only have 3200 pussy miles on the bike and the chain has been a bit tight for the last 60 or so (since spring). the noise coincides with the tight chain and since i ride like a woosey i hope ho bad has come to pass.
I adjusted my chain, now just nice and maybe a tad loose. got the clunk once on the test fast can i f--- up a chain. or do i look elsewhere?
is the 1st gear make it evey time or lauch it like drag racing..

if you take over it hard ... i is the security system for suzuki s...
clutch plate and crank security...

PLS explain that last post. I restate that the clunk only occurs when I shift past neutral to come to a stop, and not all the time. Are you saying that i may not be IN first or something similar?
I have the exact same problem on my 2001 I noticed it after a dealer check up and I figured they adjusted something wrong. If you figure it out Please let me know