Clearing out shirts and hoodies

I will check and see what sizes we have left... for many years the best selling item we had was the pink shirts and hoodies...
My wife would flip over some purple busa merch

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Oh man I'm too late, are those links up to date?

your not too late. Links should be good. i think i am gonna order another....hey cap what sizes you got in pink ? you got any xl or xxl? Real men wear pink!!!:laugh:
Here is a link to the pink hoodies..

Pink Hoodies - King Keepsakes

I also found a box of pink short sleeve shirts that have the org logo on the front pocket and the bike leaned over just like on the back of the hoodies... I have 2 large, about 7 sxl and 5 xxxl

I have hundreds of shirts left over from bashes, orders people never paid for and extras we bought just in case... I keep finding new shirts every time I look...