Clearing out shirts and hoodies


Dis in my way!
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hey guys, I hate to even say this cause I laugh every time I think about it....

I have reduced the price on the shirts and hoodies in an effort to clear out what inventory that we have.. I do honestly need to clear out stock so that I can make room for the laser stuff... Hahahahaha there I go laughing at the screen as I type it.....

We don't have a lot left but we do have a few hoodies, shirts and sweatshirts left...

I will post links in this thread as I change the prices....

there just isn't anyway around looking like a furniture sales person and typing this out at the same time...

Come on down to crazy Dougs clearance sale..... We have to make room for the new inventory!
Sweatshirts 10.00
Gen II Sweatshirts - King Keepsakes

Tshirts 9.00
Gen II Ash Grey Shirt - King Keepsakes

Hoodies 15.00
Gen II Hoodies - King Keepsakes

Original Hayabusa Shirts 10.00
Original Hayabusa.Org shirts - King Keepsakes
placed my order....just incase it wasnt clear 2 xl is what i want.....

Arthur Noble
Thank you so much!!! Glad i could donate....this site has already been a big help!
i just ordered a gen2 sweatshirt xxl. paypal i.d. 6KT79782J9254951V thanks!
nick v.
ordered 1, 2 xl and 1, large thanks captain and I decided to order 2 they are going to the same address ship them together if you can
Common on let buy em all up!!!! Support the org!!! Bump:)
For all those that have ordered we have them packaged and ready to be dropped off. A couple of you guys ordered multiple shirts so I refunded the difference to the shipping....

no original style in medium black? long or short sleeve?
Nope, these are just what we have left over, we are not going to refill any of these shirts... The picking is slim for sure...

how/where do you select the size?
Keith each shirt size and style is listed out. What you see is all we have so if there isn't a specific size that means we are sold out of it.

I"m guessing you can combine shipping?
Brian I will refund the difference of the shipping if you order multiple items. Sorry I don't currently have a clean way to make this happen... The best I can do is take the orders, combine them and then refund the shipping difference.
sweet, Just ordered a sweatshirt and tshirt :cool: Thanks Doug :beerchug: