Clear turn signals and Tail lights


Many of you have put on the Clear Alternatives front turn signals and Tail lights, and I have to say it is a good look. Thanks for posting the pix of your mod. I am planning that next.

My preference is to have the bulb not show yellow through the clear cover. I like it completely white. Many people opt for LED replacement bulbs to remove all hints of yellow. Others try to mask the yellow bulb in various ways. Most of those are probably illegal. There is another option that is cheap and fully hides the yellow bulb legally. It is the Silvervision bulb from Silvania. Another is the "titanium bulb". Both are yellow glass bulbs that are coated with a very thin layer of metal and look kind of like a mirror. When the bulb lights up it looks fully yellow. Titaniums cost about $8 and fit like stock bulbs. That is a lot cheaper than the LEDs at about $25 each. Titanium bulbs look somewhat black and would probably look like a light gray shadow in the turn signal. The silvervision bulbs ($20) are like a mirrror and would disappear behind the clear lens. Unfortunately the Silvervision bulbs aren't made in the 1156 base. It requires that you grind off one of the tabs that hold the bulb in the socket.

These options would help the people who are finding that the LEDs cause the flasher to speed up because they don't pull enough current. The bulb would act like stock in that respect. No resistors would be needed to sink more current for the LEDs.

For those of you who have the clear tail light, the red version of the titanium bulb would work great and save money over LED red bulbs with the same look.

The thing that stopped me so far was that I have the turn signal integrator on the back. This unit needs the front turn signal bulbs to work correctly. If you burn a front bulb the unit won't integrate the flasher. Not sure how it would work with the LEDs either and I don't want to gamble $50 for two LED bulbs to find out.

So save some serious cash and get the titanium bulbs in red and yellow/amber and just order the NON-LED versions of the Clear Alternatives singnals and tail lights. Then you can afford to by your wife a gift to smooth over the fact that you spent more money on your Busa.
Glad it helped. Titaniums are easy to find on a websearch. All of the aftermarket car sites have these bulbs and in all colors too. The best price I have seen so far is $13 for 2. The car guys started putting on clear turn signals before the bikes did. They have already figured all of this stuff out. I am ging to start with the Titanuims (Black mirror coating) and wait for the Silvervision bulbs in 1156 configuration. Every car and truck uses that size so I have to guess that Philips/Silvania will come out with it eventually.
Thanks for the help! Good information as always! I am in the UK and the parts can be hard to find here. Does anyone have specific numbers, people or a website that I could call or get in touch with?