Clear indicators for South Africa


Hi there fellow Busaholics :)

I need youre help please im from South Africa where we have some awesome Busas and amazing roads to really let them loose.....however all the Busas have horrible orange standard indicator lenses ....

No clear lenses available from sucks i know ;)

Can anyone give me advice on where I can find good quality good price lenses for myself and fellow riders ...currently exchange rate is about 8 to 1...price is therefore an issue..

Thanx in advance
Wow S.A. that would be a fun ride... Your just coming into Spring/Summer there right? Anyway for clear lense's check out    

Chaparral at or maybe   is in Europe, would they have a better exchange rate?  Aloha / Kent

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Wow, Shipping to S. Africa isnt really that expensive thru the postal service. I ship there all the time. Email me and I will give you a contact person there that orders from the states very often.