clear alternatives lenses

Yes sir eee, I have the clear front signals, clear tail light, and there led's for the rear. No problems here, everything fit and looks good. I'm just starting to eye the totally clear tail light lenses, donno if they look better or not?

Wouldn't it have been better if you asked before you ordered?
Very funny Mr. Orion........LOL. Yeah I guess I should have checked around before I ordered but I wanted them so I got em.
I will have mine up for sale next week. Clear alternatives turn signals. I will also throw in the titanium colored bulbs for $60 shipped in the US
I put them on my bike but the gap was so bad I took them off and sent them back. The fit was about a 1/4 inch off from the stock covers.
I picked up the clear tail light on Ebay and it fit like the stocker, then went to Advance and bought the LED's. I have heard that the front turn signals from Clear Alternatives are bad about not fitting. I've heard that Mototeck's fit great.