Chrysler Tomahawk 0~60 2.5 sec.

This might help a little.
Busa Specs

100 kilometers/hour = 62.137 miles/hour. Your answer is about 3.1 seconds. I think?

Thanks for the answer and for the welcome.
I've been watching for a while now and I'll be going to the Motorcycle show in Chicago in Feb to decide which color bike to buy in March.
Too bad you can't get the all black SE like some of us.... (he he, inside joke). You might though, I think my dealer still has a black 02 on the showroom floor in VA. My second favorite color is the silver Busa. Whatever you decide, again, welcome to our group. Great bunch of people here! Be sure to post pics of your new bike when you get it; we like pics!

Why did you just not ask the Busa question as is was instead of masking it?

Anyway welcome aboard...Any color Busa is a good choice...
I go 100 mph in 6 seconds at the track...

0 to 60 depends so much more on the rider than the bike.

good luck with your purchase.
Welcome to the club!

If you really want to buy the fastest color get the Black and Blue!