I would like to get my rims chromed but there are so many people to chose from! Who gives the best warranty and does the best job? I saw a web site of a place in florida that gave a three year warranty and the wheels were triple platted for $575 but I can't find the site again. Any suggestions!! Thanks Scooter
Welcome to the board There are a lot of people here that have crome. You will get some more answers soon but like KS said sportcrome seems to be popular.
First of all, welcome to the board! Where are you located??? also check out I got mine there and they triple coat all there stuff. I've been highly pleased with there work and have gotten 80% of my chrome from them and haven't had any problem with it or there service.
<span style='color:crimson'>Welcome to the board Scooter1857. Well I must say that I am trying Sportchrome for the first time and should recieve my wheel any day now. He had my rims for about 5 weeks.</span>
THANK GOD!!! I found it after a week of looking everwhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just sen4t my wheels to sportchrome I will post pics as soon as they return they seem like really good guys with a great attitude so I cant wait to get them back and they atre the only ones that I know of that do the Candy Chrome process