chrome tips

Just wondering if the cheap chrome tips hurt the motor on busa's. Seen one with them with no baffle sounds awesome but wouldn't straight header hurt a bike like a car?


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I have that set-up, Took it to a local shop and he said would not be a problem, I did go ahead and installed a Power commander. and your right, They do sound and look great.


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Well people feel it goes both ways.

Some say the stock header has enough restriction where a problem won't occur. Others say the cold air can get sucked back in and cause valve damage.

Been here a while and haven't read an evidence to confirm either good or bad,just a lot of speculation. I've had Stubby's on my bike and loved the look,just the sound did get to me after a while. They are loud while riding. So be prepared to deal with it. Easy enough to switch back if don't like. Cheap enough to give a try also. I didn't remove for mechanical reasons.

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