Chrome Rims Gen 1

I too was looking at getting chrome rims for my "02 Busa. Couldn't believe the prices !! Checked eBay and craigslist but couldn't find any reasonable priced chrome rims.

Also looked into chrome exchange programs but the prices wasn't any better.

So, being the cheap skate I am, the rims are now being powder coated for $150. (along with rear wheel spacer, front & rear foot brackets). My Busa is getting a complete "facelift" right now.

It was amazing to find out powder coating is so cheap ! There was some DIY powder coating "products" on the market, though I didn't want to risk my rims turning out poorly.

Good luck finding reasonable priced chrome rims, if you have patience a good deal will come around !! Though keep in mind powder coating is another option.

*will post pics when rims are done.

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