Chrome Mid-pipe Cover & R77's


Formerly cuderdog
My Vance & Hines Headers are begging for new Cans (And a PC5 and a trip to Powerhouse!) but new ones aren't in the budget right now. I was thinking about buying a Very Used pair of R77's and buying all new shiny parts and packing from Yosh, keeping only the pipe. Problem is the midpipe has some nicks & dents too. Would that stock Chrome cover thingie line up with the size & shape of the R77's? I know they weigh a few ounces and I should get rid of them, (Probably need to improvise a bracket too) but they would probably hide a few sins!

The stock chrome cover on the stock mid pipes won't line up with the shape of the R77 mufflers.
They should fit on the R77 midpipes, but you'll be able to tell they aren't supposed to be there.