Chrome frame cover


Can anyone tell me where I can find a set of chrome covers for my busa? Also if any one has ever used them or seen them in person are they worth a crap? Help please.

(edubb1971 @ Jul. 26 2007,22:47)

Seen in person, they do look nice. Only way to tell is it covers up the swingarm bolt, and misc. holes in frame
thanks for that sight,love the black
if you go with chromefx , you will not get customer service if something happens to one of them, i can promise you that. they look good, may batman help you if one goes bad.
cause they want.
Buddy of mine has them, they look real nice. he bought them after his real chrome was damaged at a bikewash, someone unintentionaly sprayed a toxic cleaner on. The covers match his swingarm, rearsets, and everthing else really well.
I have the whole setup

if you dont want it to cover the frame hole just cut them

they look good. i have noticed a very light fading on the swingarm covers tho
Ive seen them. they are pretty good value for the money. I have never been able to afford or willing to chrome my frame and swingarm. They are polished. I wouldn't mind some of these on the swingarm.