Chrome Clutch Cover


This topic probably goes under "Do-it-yourself" maintenance; I posted there, but no-one's anwering my question.

I just installed a chrome clutch cover. I replaced the stock gasket and tightened the bolts, but keep getting an oil drip. Does anyone know if gasket sealant is supposed to be used in addition to the stock gasket? When I replaced the stator cover, I did not have to use any sealant. HELP.
good question im sure your get some help
no you do not need anything extra, i would think it is not sealing good on one of the seams, take it back off, clean it good, check the gasket for tears. if its in good shape put it back together and stagger the tighten of the bolts.
i have took mine on and off like 5 times, never had a leak, never used anything but the factory gasket. now you can add some high temp silcone if you wanted too, it would seal it up. but what i am saying is theres a problem some where else. also check the cover, make sure it does not have chrome or something on the lip that goes to the gasket. if it has even a small bulging area it will leak from that.
I removed the chrome cover, cleaned the surface and gasket. Just to be sure, I used some hi-temp sealant too. It takes 24hrs to cure, so I'll check for leaks again later. Thanks for your help.
Let us know how it works out. I removed my cover numerous times when I did my clutch mod. I used the stock gasket and like thepushercg, I never had a leak.

I'm curious to know what it could be.
It happens. Put a Woodcraft cover on and I had a tiny leak. It wasn't even noticable for a day or 2 once cleaned.

1. You can add a gasket sealant.
2. New gasket
3. pull it and correctly torque it. 8 foot pounds I believe.
I think that the chrome plating may have affected how the gasket sealed. The hi-temp sealant did the trick. No leaks now, and I tightened the bolts to 7 lbs torque. Thanks for everyone's help.