Chrome And Brake Pad dust


Hey Guys. I've been searching and can't seem to find nothing on brake pads and brake dust. I just put a set of chrome wheels on and the brake pad dust is terrible. I'm lookin for a set of performance pads with very minamal dust. I was leaning torwards the Galfer or the Ferodo pads. Any thoughts ? I  know how you guys like pics so i'll post some.I also said that I would wants I had all my parts in a while back on BUSAFREAKS post.

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1 for BUSAFREAK. Very nice thanks. You guys where right with the chrome thing too. I got the wheels, cush drive, levers, spools and hook bolts by the seat. I want more now. Just a little the cases, rearsets and rear pegs and thats it. I have a set of brushed aluminum screens on there way. I know you guys are thinkin YA THEN THE FRAME. I will never do the frame. Don't get me wrong. I think they look great but that is just to much work to strip your bike down to nothin.



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Nice pics, chrome looks great on your Busa. I run ceramic pads on my cars, wheels stay clean. Don't know if they're avail for bikes.


I had the same problem when I put my BLING BLING wheels
on too so I found using the front brake more kept the back one cleaner and since the rotors on the front are so big the front wheel does not get bad



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SBS pads are great pads. You can find them at Parts Unlimited. You can find them pretty much anywhere.
Good stuff.


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Umm try some EBC Semi Metalic "R" pads. They are excellent pads and they produce much less dust then the organics.
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