Christians only!

Rev. 6:5

My 14-year-old son was baptized tonight. It was completely his decision. I stayed completely out of it and referred him to our minister for whatever questions he had. I'm not sure what will make me a prouder dad in my life....cuz this will be a pretty hard one to beat!!!!



Hey that's great but I'm sure if he continues to follow God's purpose for his life you'll have alot more proud moments. God bless you both.


That's the greatest wish any dad could have. I know I'd be elated if my children (oldest is only 8 though) decided for themselves that they wanted to know and serve the Lord. That's truly awesome. You've done very well.:thumbsup:


Christians only!??? why say christian only i thought we were all the same ??? am not a christian but i am just as good as a christian and all others are also so don't judge by faith


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congrats Rev... it's awesome when the youth realize that GOD has a plan for their lives...

markiee43 - hate to tell you bro, but there is only ONE way into Heaven (and there's only ONE Heaven and ONE true GOD), and that is through the sacrifice that JESUS CHRIST made for ALL mankind. We can't get there simply because we "think" we are as good as someone else.... (NOT saying that we are better 'cause we're not - just saying that our sins have been forgiven. I John 1:9)

PS: faith is the ONLY thing that we will be judged by... the Bible says that without "faith" it is IMPOSSIBLE to see GOD... just lettin' you know the :rulez:



REV 6:5,

Congrats to you and your son!:thumbsup:


IMO, I think Rev 6:5 said Christians only because he didn't want his thread to get off on other discussions. Fellow Christians understand how important this day was for him and his son and getting the thread hijacked by debates on the topic takes from the event and this thread. So don't be offended by the title of the thread, just try to understand and respect Rev's wishes.


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now boys, we're supposed to take whatever opportunities are given to us to minister, and try to bring people closer to the Lord. markiee43, the only way to heaven is to have a personal relationship with jesus. there's a faq at you could read that would probably answer your questions. as far as being as "good" as any christian, you may be, but you're still a sinner. we all are. christ died on the cross so your sins would be forgiven, wouldn't it be a shame if you weren't able to get into heaven because you didn't know Him? and rev, do all you can to help your son in his walk with Christ, and congratulations. i can only hope that when my wife and i have children, that they'll make the same decision.

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